Michael Bierek

I seek to understand the needs of my client in order to best serve the project and always working on ways to improve my craft to provide entertainment that contributes to the greater happiness of society.

Skill Set

-Considerable understanding and appreciation of functional design principles and narrative devices
-Excellent time management skills
-Over fifteen years of experience with Photoshop
-Over five years experience with SketchUp
-Able to setup up lights, render and model simple assets in 3DS Max
-Currently learning 3D Coat (similar to Z Brush)

Professional Experience

Massive Black Inc 2007-2011, 2014 - current
San Francisco, California
I provide concepts, storyboards and marketing illustrations for a wide range of clients.

Note worthy projects/clients:

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
FallOut: New Vegas
Lord of the Rings RPG
InFamous 2
LA Times
Risk: Revolutions
Game Informer
Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2

Wizards of the Coast 2007 - current
Renton, Washington
I provide illustrations for Magic the Gathering and produced over forty unique illustrations.

THQ 2011-2013
I provided character, environment, and prop concepts for two unreleased projects.

Ubisoft 2013-2014
I provided character, environment, and prop concepts for the FarCry franchise.

Relevant Education

The Concept Art Atelier 2007-2008
San Francisco Ca.

Academy Art 2006-2007
San Francisco Ca.

The Art Institute 2002-2003
Santa Ana Ca.